My Dream

The first time my eyes fell on you

My mouth fell open,

Leaving me speechless in the middle of a conversation…

And the first thought that flitted through my mind afterward was:

‘That’s my dream’

‘Yes that’s my dream’

And it couldn’t have happened sooner

For I needed a dream.

When everything began to go wrong,

I turned around and there you were

Just there for me to find.

And for the first time,

I had the most beautiful dream where I had never dared to dream

When I first saw you,

I said: ‘Lordy, look!

There goes my dream’

Oh yes!

My dream.

And that was around the time i needed a dream so bad

Just to make me strong

And you became the only one reason I had to go on

For you were my dream

And you showed me all the things that I never knew

And when you gave me this dream,

Who would have thought it could come true

And before I knew you existed,

Life was all one game after another in its monotonic sameness

And day in and day out,

Things never changed

But now, the dreams

Are being born

Like the stars

On the dark, navy wash of…

Of a newborn night

With the twilight only a stone’s throw away

And like the moon see it shine

A dream that is yours,

A dream that is mine

A dream born together

Out of love and mutual trust.

I still cannot believe…

That I have gotteen dreams of my own

That I have regained my ability to let things go

To love again

To trust in humanity once again

To believe in this dream we both created

Now I have dreams of my own too.

Dreams no one can take from me

Not ever

And all the things I never knew could happen to me

Are happening to me now

That the world would believe in this dream too

Is all that I can wish for.

That is why…

When I first saw you,

I said …

I said ‘Oh my… You are my dream come true’


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